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Be Proud Of Your Taste In Film

Enjoy our latest episodes and deep dive into the archive of movie reviews on old and new released films. Some are from the perspective of a first time watch or a re-watch. Some reviews solo and others with a panel of friends. Relive your childhood or gain a different point of view on a movie you enjoy or dislike. 

In the end, every movie has one potential fan.  

   The Show

Since the launch back in 2018, this podcast promotes the love of unconventional tastes in films. Those movies you enjoy that are forgotten, misunderstood, or not well liked. Also, those movies that everyone loves are just not the right film for you. How do those films you remember so fondly of hold up today? Filmmaking and storytelling changes and continues to evolve. Do certain films not work with today's audiences? 

 Every other Wednesday, explore my taste in film as I review my movie collection in Rob's Rewind. As well as Movie Club, casual discussions on movies old and new with a round table of friends all with unique tastes in movies to give you a fresh perspective each episode. Whether you strongly agree or disagree just remember this:

"There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure movie. F*$% those haters and be proud of your taste in film."

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